Wed,Nov 26,2014
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Xi's South Pacific tour opens new era for regional development

Chinese President Xi Jinping's South Pacific tour enhanced mutual trust and cooperation between China and related Pacific countries and ushered in a new era for regional development. - Full coverage

China's economic "new normal" generates opportunities: ABB

Senior executives from the ABB Group said on Wednesday that China's reform ambitions and its new phase of economic development would create business opportunities for foreign companies.

Goal to cut emissions can be met, official says

The recent landmark climate agreement with the United States is a win for both sides and will inject positive energy into the upcoming global climate change negotiations in Lima, Peru, early next month. - China resolved to honor emission-cut commitments

Chinese anti-cancer drug breaks foreign monopoly

The new drug made China the third country to have developed targeted anti-cancer drugs,which has caused many people to change their stereotype about Chinese medicines.

China hunts for corrupt officials with strengthened cross-border cooperation

As the deadline China sets for economic crime fugitives to return home looms, the country is calling for more international cooperation.

Will robot revolution crimp value of human output?

Robots will make human labor in the goods and other sectors more productive. What really matters is whether the jobs outside of the robot economy remain valuable and in high demand.








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