Premier Li visits Germany, Russia, Italy, the UN Food and Agricultural Organization HQ and attends the 10th Asia-Europe Meeting summit in Milan
Wed,Oct 22,2014
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Li upbeat despite economic slowdown

China's economic growth slowed in the third quarter to its weakest pace in five and a half years, but Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday structural improvements can be seen.

HK students at risk of anti-China scheming

HK students at risk of anti-China scheming With the Hong Kong radical forces becoming a new member, the anti-China camp seems to be expanding. If this is the case, it will yield terrible results.

- Bringing Western Depocrisy to Hong Kong
- HK gov't promises to convey their appeals to Beijing after talks with students

China Focus: Observers divided over China GDP

Slower growth in the third quarter of China's economy divided observers over the country's outlook, with the majority still showing faith in the 2014's year-end outcome.

What is behind the proliferation of 'RMB fever' in Europe?

The world has every reason to be confident in the RMB due to Chinese political stability, sustainable economic development, and effective control of monetary aggregates in China.

Newspaper criticizes artists' pursuit of quick success "harmful"

A commentary in People's Daily, flagship paper of the Communist Party of China, has criticized artists' pursuit of quick fame and fortune as "harmful".

Beijing adopts strict food policy for APEC meeting

Beijing adopts a stringent food-security policy during preparations for the APEC meeting by regulating raw food-material providers and suspending sales of healthcare products at some hotels.







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