Premier Li visits Germany, Russia, Italy, the UN Food and Agricultural Organization HQ and attends the 10th Asia-Europe Meeting summit in Milan
Fri,Oct 24,2014
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CPC sets new blueprint for rule of law

The Communist Party of China (CPC) set a new blueprint for rule of law during a key meeting this week, promising sweeping judicial reforms while hailing the overarching role of the Constitution in the country's legal system. Highlights of communique

- China has to promote rule of law via binding State and society alike

How to lose respect - deny the enslavlement of the 'comfort women'

The Japanese government repeatedly denies the militarist crimes of its past, doing serious damage to the peace of the international community, and to its relationships with its neighbors.

Talks with Occupy could bring breakthroughs

It may be exaggerated to compare the street protests to a color revolution. Such a revolution seeks a power shift by nonviolent means, but protesters in the Occupy movement only want to voice their demands with no intentions to topple the government.

- Arrest of HK protesters sought

Why the U.S. response to Ebola is so keen

The U.S. is devoting a great deal of attention to Ebola, due to its upcoming mid-term elections, its emotional Afro-American connections, and its interests in the biochemistry field.

Expelling one translator will not save the Galaxy

Since the release of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy in China, a heated discussion about the translation of the movie have spring up. Many people have criticized the translator of the movie, suggesting that she has almost ruined the science fiction comedy.

Video: English appreciation of China and Chinese books

Managing director with Penguin Books China talks about the Nobel Prize, Chinese literature and writers, digital publication, opportunities in China etc. in an interview with People’s Daily Online.








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