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Aflatoxin detected in milk from two Dutch dairy farmer


20:34, March 06, 2013

THE HAGUE, March 6 (Xinhua) -- An illegally high concentration of aflatoxin, toxic metabolites which can cause disease to animals and humans, was found in milk produced by two Dutch dairy farmers, the Dutch Dairy Association said on Wednesday.

The milk supply of the two dairy farms was immediately blocked and can only be continued if they meet the quality standards again. Both companies have received feed from the same supplier. The cattle on the two dairy companies now get different feed.

"All milk products on the consuming market comply with legal requirements,"the Dutch agency said in a statement.

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority has started investigating the source of the new reports of contamination to avoid its further spread.

An official survey into aflatoxin contamination in corn from Serbia and Romania is still pending. The organization received three reports of corn deliveries with increased aflatoxin content, two from Serbia and one from Romania.

Part of this corn was delivered to Dutch feed companies and was fed to pigs. These supplies have, as far as is known now, no connection with the contaminated milk.

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