Tue,Jul 29,2014

OSI group to fund food safety

US-based OSI Group, owner of the Shanghai Husi Food, announced that it would invest $1.62 million for a 3-year food safety education campaign in China.
- McDonald's fishing for supplier

8 questions to Mr. Abe

On the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WWI, in Europe old rivals have apologized and forgiven one another. Asia however, is home to a defeated county with an unfathomable attitude toward history, currently trying to wriggle out of the constraints of its pacifist constitution.
-Humble dresser is a reminder of atrocities

China angered by U.S. protectionism

The Ministry of Commerce announced on Monday that China is strongly dissatisfied with the United States for its anti-dumping and countervailing probes into Chinese exports of photovoltaic products.

Society should address suicide among youths

The rising rate of suicides among youths has become a big cause for concern for many countries, but the number and the reasons for suicides in China are even a bigger cause for concern.

Microsoft ‘visited’ by Chinese authorities

Four Microsoft Corp offices in China have been visited by Chinese authorities, the company confirmed on Monday, but declined to reveal any details.

China's 58 partners around the world- Part I

To date, China has established comprehensive strategic partnerships with 18 countries and organizations worldwide. In addition, China also has 40 partners of other types. As China's influence grows, relationships between China and its partners are becoming increasingly close.








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