Mon,Nov 24,2014
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Xi's Pacific trip demonstrates new diplomatic style, strategy

Xi's moves to build ties with countries around the world demonstrate a new diplomatic style, one which diverges from the past 20 years of Chinese leadership focus on developing ties with traditional powers like the US and Europe. - Full Coverage

Chinese government further cuts redtape

China's State Council announced it would exempt more items from central government approvals in a bid to ease burdens on enterprises and lower financing and investment costs.

US aids in return of economic fugitives

The latest judicial cooperation between China and the United States to nab economic fugitives has made major progress, with more than a dozen suspects brought back from the US to face trial.

'China's interest rate cuts set to support property demand'

The interest rate cut is set to become another major boon for the sluggish property market and, following the easing of mortgage rules on Sept. 30, will fuel demand, analysts said.- Realtors get inventive to beef up sales amid property slowdown

'US should stay out of S.China Sea land reclamation issue'

"Stay out of it." That appears to be the message of a general of China's People's Liberation Army, following reports the US urged China to halt land reclamation activities in the South China Sea.

'APEC blue' or economic growth, a tricky choice for now

Even during the "APEC blue" period, there was already wide understanding that the smog-curbing measures were not sustainable and the social costs were just too high to bear.








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