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Tue,Sep 23,2014
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Xi reassures HK of stability

President Xi Jinping voiced confidence in Hong Kong's future on Monday, saying Beijing will firmly support the city to promote democracy in line with the law and uphold its prosperity and stability.

European ambassadors’ views on governance philosophies of China’s new leadership

"I think what the Chinese leadership is trying to do is precisely to think a sustainable model of growth for the next 35 years, for the next decades."

Air force puts elite pilots' skills to the test

The Chinese air force is strengthening pilots' combat readiness by staging an increasing number of drills based on realistic training scenarios.

Japan cannot rely on India to counter China

It can be clearly asserted that the stronger the Sino-India relationship is, the better India will be able to manage its relationships with the U.S. and Japan.

Abe confuses root cause of frozen ties

The key to salvaging the strained Sino-Japanese ties lies in the Abe administration changing its provocative policy toward China and showing sincerity to control bilateral differences.

International students eye China, not just for language this time

For many students, diplomas and qualifications are not enough. Work experience in the industry and language skills are the most valued in the international job market.








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