Premier Li visits Germany, Russia, Italy, the UN Food and Agricultural Organization HQ and attends the 10th Asia-Europe Meeting summit in Milan
Tue,Oct 21,2014
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Bringing Western Depocrisy to Hong Kong

The Western media have secured their prize.Just as it seemed that the HK Occupy demonstrations were about to peter out, evidence emerged that one of the protestors had been detained and beaten by police.

- HK court orders end to Mong Kok protest

China must chart own course to rule of law

The ongoing Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC will deliberate and pass the decision on major issues concerning comprehensively advancing the rule of law.

- Experts say rule of law will unlock economic potential

What is behind the proliferation of 'RMB fever' in Europe?

The world has every reason to be confident in the RMB due to Chinese political stability, sustainable economic development, and effective control of monetary aggregates in China.

Sino-US naval cooperation in far seas not enough to overcome nearby divergences

In the near seas, the situation is very competitive between China and the US. In the far seas, there seems to be a convergence of interests. What we have is a very dichotomous maritime relationship.

Former Australian PM Gough Whitlam dies at 98

As a prime minister, Whitlam was an agent of change and reform. Despite being in power for only three turbulent years, he launched sweeping reforms of the nation's economic and cultural affairs.

China, US partner to train Afghan diplomats

A group of young Afghan diplomats began a two-week training session Monday as part of a joint program co-organized by the United States and China.








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