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Mon,Sep 22,2014
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Xi stresses military headquarters' loyalty to Party

President Xi Jinping stressed the loyalty of headquarters of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) at a meeting with PLA chiefs of staff .

Why is the US making a fuss over China's antitrust campaign?

In the face of China's current antitrust probes, relevant parties in the US are reacting in a way that makes one wonder if the good old "double standard" so commonly practiced by the US is again at play.

New accounting regime ends "GDP supremacy"

China's new accounting regime, shifting focus from GDP to a more balanced development outlook, signals the end of the era of "GDP supremacy".

Fugitive ends life on the lam

Another Chinese 'fox' returns home to face consequences of financial scandal after the former trading company manager fled the country in 2004 after his role in a $24 million scandal was uncovered.

Egypt welcomes Chinese investments in Suez

Egypt understands and agrees with President Xi's proposal of "one belt and one road," which will help to promote trade and friendly cooperations among the countries along the Silk Road.

Alibaba IPO shows optimism for China

The growth of Alibaba is an unusual experience integrating China's opportunity and national conditions with Western capital and the world's confidence in the Chinese market.








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